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  • Hashtag Games: The Hunger Games of Social Media

    It’s the Twitter trend taking the Internet by storm: hashtag games, or what we call The Hunger Games of the social media world. Why the nickname? Because like many social trends, hashtag games entice brands and Twitter users to duke it out in a battle of wits. A battle where you depend on your benefactors (Twitter users) for survival (retweets and favorites).

    Why do hashtag games trend? If nothing else, people are enticed to participate in a conversation for two reasons: a sense of community and the chance to get their voice heard. If you think your #ReplaceAMovieTitleWithGoat tweet, “The Goatbook,” “You’ve Goat Mail,” “How to Lose a Goat in 10 Days,” (take your pick) is genius, you’re probably going to tweet it to see who else agrees. Everyone wants to be that random witty guy, or brand, whose punny tweet received dozens of favorites and retweets. But how? Get ready because we’re about to tell you how to harness your inner Katniss Everdeen.

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  • Website Quality Assurance: What you should expect from your agency

    These days, when we buy something, we do so with a heavy expectation that what we are getting is going to be built with the utmost care and quality.

    When you are purchasing a home, for instance, you do so knowing that yes, the front door opens and closes properly. The roof doesn’t leak; the driveway is smooth, the heating and air conditioning works and the windows open and shut. Everything that is immediately visible or directly interacted with is tested and easily checked off.

    What about the hidden? Is that foundation truly well-built? Will the plumbing stand the test of time? Did they skimp on the labor costs and hire some less-than-skilled builders to frame it all? Will my new home be crumbling around me in 2-3 years?

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  • Do You Have 911 Marketing Fever?

    I’ve got some bad news folks, there's a condition that’s been infecting marketing departments lately and it's called "911 Marketing". The good news is that the warning signs are clear and if you can diagnose the symptoms, you can also cure it. So, don't run off to your doctor yet.

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  • A Quick Irish Grammar Lesson

    One of thunder::tech’s favorite holidays is right around the corner: St. Patrick’s Day! Chances are you've celebrated it in some way in the past, but have you been spelling it wrong for years?

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