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  • The Science Behind Facebook's News Feed

    A conversation we can all relate to:

    Mom: “Honey, did you see Betty Crocker’s new recipe on her Facebook page?”

    You like Betty’s Facebook page and you were just scrolling down your Facebook News Feed.

    You: “No, mom. I didn’t see the new pumpkin-spice-chocolate-chip-cinnamon-mint-raisin cookie recipe.

    Mom: “But why not? Weren’t you just on Facebook?”

    It’s a tale all social media pros have heard time and time again. But little known fact: Not every fan will see everything a brand posts to Facebook, even if they like the page. So, what’s the point in marketing on Facebook? Keep reading and we'll give you just a few.

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  • 5 Advances in Marketing I’m Thankful for

    In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to write a quick retrospective, professional thank-you note to my top 5 modern marketing advances made in the past 10 years. These have changed people's careers, moved industries forward and have driven people nuts as we all figured out how to adapt to them.

    1. Mobile.
      This one is absolutely at the top of my list. Ten years ago, thunder::tech built our first mobile site for the giant mall developer, DDR Corp. It was built for Blackberry because the iPhone had not come out yet. My, how have things changed! And yet I think we're just now ending the first inning of this element. Mobile allows our brands to interact, sell and educate their markets more, certainly on the customers' terms now. However, I think these "pocket computers" will seem silly in another 10 years.
    Read on for the full list.

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  • Hubspot vs Marketo vs Pardot: Choosing an automation tool

     Which marketing automation tool should I choose?

    Great question! It is one we are asked all the time.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but you aren’t going to find the definitive answer here because what works for one organization doesn’t always work for another. Here at thunder::tech, we look at platform selection as a process and not merely a recommendation, mainly because it is much more complicated than asking a single question.

    Right now you are probably asking yourself, “if you aren’t going to tell me the answer, why should I keep reading?” Here’s why: By the time you are done reading this post, you will learn what factors to consider and which key areas to focus on during your platform selection process. You will also find a few platform hints to give you a helping hand when first starting out, which focus on the merits of HubSpot, Pardot and Marketo, but our tips can be applied to any other marketing automation platforms as well.

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  • Kentico CMS Review

    As we begin conversations with our clients about their wants and needs for a new website, we typically hit all the familiar topics. Responsive design, hosting, training, timeline and of course, CMS.

    When we start talking about CMS, often our clients will ask for recommendations since this can be unfamiliar territory for them. Based on their needs from use and functionality basis, Kentico typically makes the short list.

    While, it is not as familiar in North America as WordPress or perhaps even Sitecore, Kentico is a Web Content Management Solution that cuts down development time by delivering out of the box solutions, extendable data management, and is an affordable choice for businesses of all sizes.

    No client is the same as the next when it comes to their website needs based on a number of factors like business dynamics, staffing sophistication and resources. So, when we recommend a CMS, we take all of that into account to provide a value-based, highly effective platform that hits everything that the client needs and wants while staying on budget and on calendar.

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