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  • 'Why’ to Determine Strategy

    “The framing of a problem is often far more essential than its solution.”
    Albert Einstein
    As marketers and business professionals, we do a good job of analyzing who, what, when and how as we develop strategy for our businesses. What is going on within our industry and/or target market, who is our audience, when is the best time to reach them and how are our customers hearing about us?

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  • How does paid digital marketing & PPC work?

    We hear from clients frequently that they are looking for a digital marketing plan to meet their needs. However, most don’t know what type of digital strategy will help them succeed. Should the client be advertising on Google, Yahoo or Facebook? Or does success lie in purchasing large ad network impressions to drum up awareness on a limited budget?

    Digital marketing is a very broad term, but we would like to focus on digital media marketing (AKA display banners) and search marketing (AKA pay-per-click PPC) which covers most of what clients are looking for to drive conversions online. We have put together the following graph to help illustrate the benefits of each branch of digital marketing and advertising:

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  • Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Marketing Automation:: Good Morning Marketers

    Marketing automation may sound like a big, scary term that conjures up images of robotic voices telling you to press 1, but it's actually pretty simple. Watch this episode of Good Morning Marketers to learn how to get started and how it can benefit your sales and marketing processes.

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  • Connections 2014 takeaways & a rant

    Want to feel like a giant nerd? Listen to a really smart dude talk about increasing open rates and direct revenue by changing a single word in an email subject line and then be really excited about it, like I just did.
    I recently returned from the ExactTarget Connections conference in Indianapolis, and have been genuinely pumped about what is possible with email marketing ever since.
    Connections is pretty much a celebration of everything that is possible with ExactTarget and Salesforce's collection of products and what different brands are doing to reach their customers in new ways. The celebration continued with stories of how technology has brought new avenues of success to keynote speakers and brands.

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