Why the four squares? A thunder::tech history lesson.

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Our most inquisitive clients and potential team member candidates regularly bring up questions about our visual brand, especially around the four squares (double colons) in our name. So, we figured we’d officially answer this common question.

Our Basic Spiel
The four squares stand for thunder::tech's four core skill areas that we organize around: Advertising, Communications, Design & Digital.

Keep reading for the more elaborate, interesting story!

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Celebrate July with a Monster of a New Wallpaper Design

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Get in the patriotic spirit this July with our latest wallpaper. In addition to a hand-sketched design, you get a free marketing tip too!

Download it for your desktop or mobile background with or without a calendar.



Social Media News:: Instagram Gets Creative & LinkedIn Makes You Shine

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LinkedIn’s New Premium Experience Helps You to Stand Out

In this fast-paced world, you have to catch people’s attention within seconds. The ultimate question is, how? LinkedIn has added new ways to help you stand out and make your individual professional brand shine.

With features like a header image, keyword suggestions and ways to track your impact, you can excel in showcasing yourself to your growing network. Here are some of the new features available to Premium users now:

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Can you recover after long-term black hat spam tactics devalue your site?

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Spam, the mystery meat of the web - pretending to be something it’s not.

Seeking quick wins, web spammers use techniques to create the illusion of an optimized website, although these sites are anything but. Can sites that have employed spam tactics long-term make a recovery? We’ll be able to better answer that once we determine why spammers spam, what kinds of spam induces penalties and what effects spam has on the web ecosystem.

Why do Spammers Spam?

Black hat webmasters, or spammers, spam in order to cheat the system, to jump to the top of rankings very quickly by exploiting loopholes in Google’s ranking system. The high risks and inevitable consequences that accompany spam provide that it will never be a long-term solution for high rankings. Spammers invest considerable time and money into their web projects when these same resources could easily be focused in the direction of enduring success.



Conference Recap: Rustbelt Refresh

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Last week, I wrote about how I was heading off to Rustbelt Refresh, a Cleveland web design and development conference. On Friday morning, I showed up at the Cleveland Public Library with two other thunder::tech team members ready to learn about a variety of topics that affect the projects I work on. Here are some highlights and takeaways from the conference:

    While Karen McGrane already had us convinced about structuring content into chunks from her A List Apart article WYSIWTF, she provided some great statistics that back up her philosophy. She outlined how the New York Times spent considerable amounts of time and money to retroactively convert blobbed content into more meaningful pieces, which illustrated how much more cost effective it is to design and enter content correctly the first time.


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