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  • Paid Digital Media Gets Better and More Complex in 2015

    It’s getting noisier by the day out there, and marketers know it more than anyone. We’re competing with cute cats, the viral trend of the month and even ourselves to get our well-thoughtout content off the ground.
    What should 2015’s marketing strategy contain to get us out of the abyss and into our audience’s realm of awareness? Let’s explore a few options to enhance next year’s integrated marketing campaigns.

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  • Video: Your First Line of Customer Service

    The phrase “self-serve customer support” might evoke negative experiences, such as flipping through endless indecipherable pages of a product manual or wading through the frustrating menus of an automated 800-number “help” line.
    But there’s another automated customer service option that is embraced and even preferred by many customers—the DIY video.

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  • Build a loyal audience with COPE content strategy

    With customers expecting more out of their favorite brands than ever, the key to maintaining a loyal audience is keeping those customers happy with engaging, informative content. But how can marketers keep up with so many platforms?

    In this Trending Topics video, we explore the content marketing strategy known as COPE – Create Once, Publish Everywhere. We’ll show you how one well-written blog post can be turned into a video, a billboard, posts on multiple social media channels and more. With COPE, marketers can efficiently create informative content that serves multiple channels—and keep customers happily engaged.


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  • The Wind-Up Salesman: Marketing Automation

    Imagine how impactful it would be to your bottom line if you had enough 24/7/365 customer service specialists to instantly respond to every email request, direct prospects to landing pages rich with content tailored to their wants and needs, monitor and respond to every social media request or question, and collect relevant information and seamlessly integrate it into your CRM platform.

    Sound like wishful thinking? It doesn’t have to be when you implement marketing automation. 

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