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  • The Tale of Three Smartwatches

    The recent release of the Apple Watch and various Android Wear watches has raised awareness of smartwatches for the mainstream public. In fact, a recent study by NPD group reported that 81% of the general public are aware of smartwatches even though only 3% of the population currently own one. I strapped on my first smartwatch just over two years ago. Since then, I’ve had a total of three—well, technically, four.

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  • A trip to the beach is as easy as getting our July wallpaper

    With our new July wallpaper up on your desktop, you'll practically be able to hear the ocean's waves. We hope you're having a relaxing, sun-soaked summer. Download our custom background with or without a calendar today!

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  • How to Improve the Valuation of Your Marketing Department

    At thunder::tech, we have the opportunity to work with many middle market and enterprise companies that are owned by private equity firms or are publicly traded. Some of these entities have highly measured, “everything must show clear ROI” operational styles, which has made me consider how to attach a valuation on what a marketing department can bring to the table so they are not viewed through the stereotypical cost center lens of spreadsheet decision making.

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  • Selling with Storytelling Through Video

    The conventional wisdom is the marketing world is that customers don’t just want to buy a product or service, they want a relationship with the brand. According to a recent Harvard Business Review study of 7,000 consumers this simply isn’t true. The study found that only 23% desired a relationship; the other 77% expressed that “it’s just a brand, not a member of my family.”

    To connect with this moderately engaged 77%, today’s marketers are are turning away from simply trying to yell louder at the audience in favor of providing valuable content in the form of engaging storytelling. And one of the most captivating methods of telling your brand story is through video.

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