Find out what’s on our minds and learn more about some of the latest marketing trends. Find out what’s on our minds and learn more about some of the latest marketing trends.
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  • Understanding Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) From AdWords

    This post was inspired by a recent phenomenon we’ve observed in online advertising, particularly paid search. AdWords, Google’s advertising network, has become such a valuable resource for sales and leads that many advertisers are willing to pay more per click than the total cost of the product they are advertising. For example, ecommerce advertisers are paying $2 per click on certain keywords for products that only cost $1. This post aims to explain the reasons why advertisers are willing to reach beyond their margin and how to determine if your business should consider spending in the red as well.

    A Customer’s Lifetime Value (LTV) Can Make up the Difference

    It’s easy to get fixated on the margin, but to truly understand the value of each keyword and each customer, advertisers should consider all of the ways their customers can add value to their brand. For example, one AdWords click can result in all of the following:

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  • Joe Pulizzi joins thunder::cast to talk Content Marketing World

    We are a month away from Content Marketing World, the largest content marketing event on the planet, and to no one’s surprise, its lead organizer is a very busy man. Never the less, thunder::tech was able to corral Joe Pulizzi, “the godfather of content marketing,” for our latest episode of thunder::cast.

    During our free-flowing conversation, Pulizzi, who is also the founder of the Content Marketing Institute, discussed all things Content Marketing World, which takes place September 8-11 at the Cleveland Convention Center. He also offered some thoughts on a variety of issues that marketers at middle-market organizations face daily. 

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  • Make Happiness Happen this August with our Wallpaper

    Did you know August is Happiness Happens Month? Consider what that means to you and what you can do to spread happiness for these 31 days (and beyond). Download our wallpaper with or without a calendar to keep as a reminder all month long!

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  • Trends Summer Reader :: Auto Pilots

    There is no guaranteed path to success for today’s marketers. Potential customers have more options for connecting with brands, but that means their attention is harder to gain. And the sales cycle has become longer, giving them more opportunities to fall out of your sales funnel. 

    There is one solution, however, that promises to combat both of these problems and is budget-friendly—marketing automation. 

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