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  • 10 Ways to Save Your Facebook Reach

    It’s been about a month since Facebook implemented a crackdown on brands who post too much promotional content. So how can you save your page from algorithm purgatory? Here are a few tips and tricks that can help save your organic reach:

    1. Put a human behind your brand

    This tip is No. 1 for a reason. No one likes to listen to a robot, especially Facebook, so add some human qualities to your Facebook content. Users want to be educated, delighted and engaged

    2. Post in real-time

    We get it. Everyone is busy. But take a minute to post your content in real-time and you could really see your organic reach grow.

    Read on for the rest of our 10 tips.

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  • Social Media takes on Super Bowl XLIX

    Another Super Bowl is right around the corner, so what are you most excited about? The game? The halftime show? We all know the commercials are the best part. This year we’re looking at brands – both those who paid millions for an ad spot and those who didn’t – to see how they are integrating social media into their Super Bowl strategy.

    Over the past few years, it’s been harder for NBC to sell their Super Bowl ad spots. In 2012, all spots were sold by Thanksgiving. Last year, all Super Bowl ads were sold by January 3. By January 7 of this year, NBC had only sold 95 percent of its television ad inventory. Although there are more new brands participating in this year’s event than last year (15 brands compared to 9 in 2014), many are shifting their budgets and strategies toward digital media – especially social media. Some brands are showing ads before the game, others are creating social media war rooms, and some are integrating social in new ways that we’re excited to see.

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  • What Marketers Can Learn from Louis CK’s “Historic Storm” Email

    I’m a big fan of comedian/writer/director/actor Louis CK. I’m also a big fan of well-executed marketing messages. This is the story of how those two things intertwine.

    Yesterday afternoon, Louis CK sent the following mass email to his subscriber list:

    Jump to the part where we relate this to marketing

    Dear friend,

    Hi.  It's Louis CK here to make sure everyone knows that my show show tomorrow at Madison Square Garden has been canceled.  All ticket holders will automatically get a refund.  I am really sorry about this and I am surprised to learn as I write this that there is only one L in the word canceled.  I'll have to take my phone's word for it.  But it doesn't look right to me.

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  • Why You Should Be Thinking About Ultra HD/4K Video Today

    The buzz of Ultra HD (4K) has been around for a few years and we’ve discussed it in past blog posts. With a lot of new displays and cameras showing up at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), we think it’s finally time to seriously consider using this format for your business.

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