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  • thunder::cast: Can People Be Brands?

    In this episode we tackle the topic of people as brands. What makes a person a brand vs. just a spokesperson? What happens if the person behind the brand damages their reputation and the brand’s by association? 

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  • How To Optimize Images For Pinterest

    What’s the No. 1 rule for creating engaging content on social media? Answer: Using appropriate, attention-grabbing visuals! Have you ever double-tapped an Instagram photo before reading the caption? Or repinned a Pin before reading the text description or attached article? Sure you have. Users are drawn to the visuals.

    As social media channels adjust layouts and algorithms to favor more visual content, marketers must make extra efforts to ensure published content is as engaging as possible. Pinterest is a special beast—not only is it highly-visual, but Pins have the longest lifespan compared to content on any other social media channel and the site is highly searchable.

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  • thunder::cast: Take a Trip Back with Us to the Good Ole Days - Nostalgia Marketing

    More brands seem to be turning to nostalgia to support their marketing efforts lately.  Is this trend an attempt to evoke emotion from consumers or something more? Is nostalgia marketing always a good idea or are there select brands or categories that can effectively use it? We discuss recent examples of this tactic that include Geico, Snickers, M&Ms, Spotify and more. 

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  • What is Inbound Marketing?

    The term inbound marketing is one of the most recent strategies buzzing around the marketing world. What surprises most people is that the tactics that make up inbound marketing are things you are probably already executing.

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