Facebook changes force brands to evolve social marketing

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If your brand has been a power user of Facebook, then by now you've seen and hopefully read about the fading organic reach of marketers on the mother of all social networks. Facebook has acknowledged these changes to their news feed algorithm starting back at the end of 2013.
Nationally, organic reach is being reported at around 6%, although there's variation in the numbers. Engaged brands with smart posting strategies seem be doing well, with their results in the low double digits, but are still acquiring less audience reach than a year ago. Don’t be surprised if you see your reach as low as 1-2%.

Being willing to “pay to play” on Facebook is becoming more accepted by brands and also fueling record revenue for the network, so we can be sure it won't be going back to its old ways anytime soon. There's upside to a balance of organic and paid reach, and in some eyes, Facebook is still a bargain with a paid component based on targeting, traceability and cost.

Don't expect the social media “pay to play” practice to stop just at Facebook. Twitter has been rumored to be tooling around with an algorithm to control the stream of posts the same way that Facebook did and we would bet that this is also a revenue grab from brands that want to be guaranteed they'll be seen. So, why wouldn't this eventually extend to Pinterest, Instagram and others?

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Developer trick to improve the Git Log command output

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If you use Git and are tired of trying to make sense of the git log command output, we have a cool trick to help you give it a makeover.

The default git log command might get the job done, but it is pretty boring and bland. Here is a neat trick to transform your log command into a full-detail command line graph of your project’s history in chronological order, complete with branch tracks, commit messages, commit IDs, and user names.


Customer service and avoiding competitor conquesting

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Whether you have a department devoted to it or it’s just a core value that every employee lives by, customer service is as much about the little things as it is your overall policies. We understand mistakes are inevitable, but how you handle them can really set you apart from the rest.

  • If you aren’t paying attention, someone else is
    One way a customer can stay connected with you is through social media. It’s a place where your fans can share experiences and could be their outlet for frustration. If you’re utilizing your social channels properly then you have to use the interaction as an opportunity to really connect with the customer. A canned auto-response is not the wisest move. This creates more distance between you and gives them the feeling they aren’t being heard. It’s important to respond in a personal, timely manner. What happens when you aren’t caring or quick? Your competitors are doing what’s known as conquesting. They’re watching you and your audience and when a complaint rolls in, they swoop in for the rescue with an enticing coupon or offer. It can look awfully attractive to a customer in distress that someone’s listening to their problem and offering a solution, especially if they feel you’ve already wronged them.

  •

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    Evolving for the future of optimization by moving our SEO Team

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    In 2013, thunder::tech made the decision to move our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Team out of our Development Department and into our Communications Department. We were a bit ahead of the times, but it has paid dividends that we haven't published until now.

    Over the years, being proficient at the technical code aspect of search engine optimization came to be expected. It was table stakes for anyone serious about the practice.

    By moving the SEO team into the Communications Department, Optimization Team members were able to jump head first into the content marketing movement & the vastly changing SEO landscape. This group now physically sits amongst our copywriters, social media and media relations teams. This now gives our clients a much broader approach that ties together several important practice areas (search, social, content marketing and earned media) that are usually just given lip service by most providers.

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    Ultra HD/4K Update (July/August 2014)

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    You may have heard the terms Ultra HD or 4K, but do you really know what they mean?

    Ultra High Definition, or Ultra HD, is the next digital format to eventually take over HD. When it comes down to it, the main difference is really just an increase in number of pixels. If you were to take a grid of 2x2 full HD TV’s and cram all those pixels into one display, essentially that would be 4K. This would be like comparing Retina display on a current iPhone to a regular display on an older model. The Ultra HD spec also includes 8K, but based on where the industry is heading, consumer 8K is still far off (although for movie theaters, not as far off). Aside from a much higher resolution image, similar to the look of a high-end photographic print, Ultra HD also offers higher frame rates for smoother motion and greater color depth.


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