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  • Welcome fall with our new seasonal wallpaper

    For years, the thunder::tech Design Team has been creating a monthly wallpaper to offer our audience a new scene change each month and to experiment with design techniques. As we've expanded our capabilities and as the general public has discovered that cat photos make for entertaining desktop backgrounds, we have decided to switch to seasonal wallpaper designs instead of monthly.

    We're excited to share with you our first-ever seasonal wallpaper released for Fall 2015. Download it for your desktop background today.

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  • Let's Chat About Instagram Ads

    Hello there! Social Media Team here.

    In case you haven’t seen one yet, Instagram ads are here. From Ben and Jerry’s ice cream to Michael Kors watches, unexpected photos from brands, large and small, are now making appearances in your Instagram feed. Welcome or not, Instagram ads have arrived as stealthy (or not-so-stealthy) posts interspersed between friends’ snapshots of adorable puppies and Sunday brunch. For a channel with 400 million users, it was bound to happen.

    So what do Instagrammers think of these ads? Are they relevant or out of place? Are they eye-catching or an eyesore? Two members of our team recently discussed them – the good, the bad and the ugly – and decided to share the conversation with you. But the dialogue doesn’t have to stop here. Let us know in the comments what you think about this new Instagram feature. 

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  • Account Ninjas: Your ally in battle to win at marketing

    After a successful day of account managing, I went home, sat back with a glass of wine and logged on to Facebook. As I aimlessly scrolled through timeline updates, game invitations and pet photos, my thumb froze and I saw the most amazing ad (shout out to the team who purchased this well targeted social media ad… I see you)!

    This is what I'm talking about! Account Ninja! I was pretty excited to see my role put in those terms and it got me thinking about an important question: I know what I do, but do clients really understand the benefits an Account Manager can bring to their agency relationship?

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  • Five #CMWorld takeaways from a ‘happy marketeer’

    It’s not often the brightest minds in your industry all converge blocks away from your office to talk shop. But for two days last week, I had the good fortune to join more than 3,000 content marketers—or as actor John Cleese called us, content (as in “happy”) marketeers—for Content Marketing World, a rollicking two-day adventure at the Cleveland Convention Center.

    Keynotes and breakout sessions were delivered by content strategists, podcasters, designers and even comedy show writers. Although their job titles and responsibilities differed, it became clear that certain common beliefs have guided them to world-renowned success. With a week to reflect, here are five themes that stuck out for me personally...

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