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  • Photos Get Moving

    Photography has captured the imagination of viewers since Louis Daguerre first perfected his film technology in the 1800s. The art and science of recording a singular moment in time has made countless technological leaps forward since then, allowing photographers to capture everything from the smallest details on a butterfly’s wing to a star cluster millions of light years away. 

    More advanced cameras, smaller lenses, shorter exposure times, digital technology and, of course, cell phone cameras, have contributed to an exponential growth in photography. By some estimates, there were more than 1 trillion photos taken in 2015 alone.
    It is ironic, then, that nearly two centuries of photographic advancement has cumulated in a new trend that allows the still image to do something it was never intended to do: move.

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  • Social Gets Real (Time)

    Marketer to marketer, we want to fill you in on a little secret. Posting timely content is all fine and dandy, but your customers are demanding more. They want better than “timely.” They want “now”—in the moment, as it happens, live content. Social media live-streaming tools make that possible, while also providing a medium for fans to comment and interact as they experience something (almost) as if it was IRL (in real life).

    What is Social Media Live Streaming?

    Social media live streaming involves hosting a video broadcast in real-time as fans interact by commenting, asking questions and engaging with the content being shared. Two of the most popular live-streaming apps are Meerkat and Periscope. After each had launched in the spring of 2015, their fan bases exploded. Periscope was quickly bought by Twitter and Facebook countered by favoring Meerkat streams.

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  • thunder::cast: Crowdsourcing is it Lazy Marketing or a Smart Way to Connect with Your Audience?

    In this episode of thunder::tech's podcast, we talk about crowdsourcing. Some say it's lazy marketing that lets companies get great ideas with little to no work on their part. Others say it's a smart way to connect and engage with your audience and give them what they want...because you asked them.  Our hosts weigh in with their thoughts on efforts from Doritos, Lays potato chips and the Cleveland Cavaliers as well as a cautionary tale about how this tactic can go horribly wrong…we’re looking at you Mountain Dew.

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  • Epic Fails of Brands You Love and How to Learn From Them

    As social media pros, we’re proud of how far social media has come since 2003 (#TBT to Myspace’s creation!), but learning the ins and outs can be a real test. Acting as an open forum for conversations and opinions to flow freely, social media is a medium where brands must be bold to stand out, but also learn to tread lightly around certain topics. To make sure your content hits the mark and grabs your audience, we’ve made you an easy-to-follow checklist of dos and don’ts.

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