Takeaways from the 2014 NAB show

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I just returned from the 2014 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas. This annual gathering of video and film production professionals showcases the latest technology and trends in the production world. While this is a very high-tech show, I’ll spare you the rambling of technical jargon I’ve heard all week and try to boil this down to some key themes from the week that affect the marketing professional who uses video in any aspect of their marketing.

UltraHD (4K)

If you haven’t already heard, HDTV is on its way out. The broadcast and production industry are already heavily talking about the next standard, UltraHD, often referred to as 4K. If you can imagine taking a 2x2 grid of four full HDTVs and cramming all of those pixels into one display, that’s 4K. UltraHD displays are already out on the market and have dropped several thousands of dollars over the past year alone. HiDPI (including Apple's Retina) displays are also approaching 4K resolutions. So what’s the advantage to the consumer? A clearer image, especially close up and on large displays, with smoother motion, more realistic color and dynamic range (AKA the ability to see more details from the bright to dark areas of the image).


The future of website design: Real Time Design

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At thunder::tech, we’ve spent the past 16 months experimenting with a new way of designing websites. In this new process, the user experience (UX) developer and graphic designer literally sit together to create a website that allows us to share our design vision with the client through real functionality and a more accurate depiction of what the final design will look like. We call this new process Real Time Design (RTD).

What is Real Time Design?
First, it’s important to acknowledge that we didn’t invent Real Time Design. This process has been discussed and executed in a variety of ways by many agencies and developers since at least 2008. The process has been called many different things, including “design in the browser,” “responsive comping,” “designing with code” and “responsive web design workflow.” Our contribution to the process is a catchier name that can be shortened to the all-important three letter acronym: RTD.


We dare you not to smile at our April wallpaper

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Spring is officially here, and everyone is jumping for joy at the thought of sunshine, flowers and warmer weather. Our April wallpaper celebrates the season, offers you a content marketing tip and features adorable, smiling woodland creatures - what's not to love?

Download our April wallpaper for desktop or mobile background here.



Social Media Sneak Peek:: Channel Redesigns

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Facebook Introduces Redesigned News Feed & Pages

Facebook is getting a makeover, again. Don’t worry, this redesign is meant to streamline the site, so you won’t need to relearn how to navigate, post or update your settings. The first redesign is to the News Feed. While these changes are very minor, ultimately they aim to make the site more readable and look cleaner. Facebook chose to scrap their last News Feed redesign, which was supposed to roll out last year, when testers of the overhaul were not thrilled with the overly bold update.

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8 Signs You Need to Consider a Digital Support Partner

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Getting to the end of your rope when it comes to managing your digital properties and putting out fires as they arise? It may be time to consider a digital support partner. To help you decide if now is the right time, we've put together a checklist of eight telltale signs:

1. You get the cold shoulder

    Has your prior agency or developer team built a great looking (or not so great looking) site and pretty much disappeared into the shadows? If a month turnaround for a simple update or answer to a question is now considered a fast response, then it may be time to look for other options.
2. You have business-critical apps unattended
    If you have a web application or website that is just killing it with new business or generating leads and visibility, but it rests on a shaky web host and/or CMS back-end that is telling you to make important security updates, you may want to get some feedback on the situation. Regular monitoring or at least stewards ready to give you options on an approach should be a priority for these digital assets and yourself.



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