Find out what’s on our minds and learn more about some of the latest marketing trends. Find out what’s on our minds and learn more about some of the latest marketing trends.
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  • Make Happiness Happen this August with our Wallpaper

    Did you know August is Happiness Happens Month? Consider what that means to you and what you can do to spread happiness for these 31 days (and beyond). Download our wallpaper with or without a calendar to keep as a reminder all month long!

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  • Trends Summer Reader :: Auto Pilots

    There is no guaranteed path to success for today’s marketers. Potential customers have more options for connecting with brands, but that means their attention is harder to gain. And the sales cycle has become longer, giving them more opportunities to fall out of your sales funnel. 

    There is one solution, however, that promises to combat both of these problems and is budget-friendly—marketing automation. 

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  • 14 Questions for Your Mid-Year Marketing Review

    The first half of the year has passed and it’s time to review what the hours, sweat and tears put into your marketing has done for your organization, and adjust for the second half.
    This doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It can be done easily and in a timely fashion, and can be as high level or thorough as needed.

    A thorough marketing review is a helpful exercise to go through every quarter or at the six-month mark to ensure your marketing plan is  on pace or needs to be updated based on performance and business goals. Also (ever optimistic over here, we can’t help it!) maybe, just maybe, your review efforts will assist in gaining approval of those extra marketing dollars you have been begging for!

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  • Should You Use "Read More" Links in Email Newsletters?

    You receive dozens of emails a day that qualify as examples of “email marketing” from other brands. Think about what all those emails look like: They’re all different, right? Some are image-heavy, some are text-based, some are jam-packed with stories and links and some are long with lots of text. With so many variations, can everyone be doing it right and what is the right layout for your brand?
    I am going to focus on a common email dilemma we hear from clients that is specific to e-newsletters, but applies to any email with more than one content area. What is better: Including full-length articles to keep the user engaged within the email or sharing short snippets of the different articles and linking out to the full piece on a blog or website?
    You’ve probably seen both of these methods used before and typically the shorter snippets provide the reader with a quick taste of the article and then offer the option to “read more” if they want to follow a link to the full story. This makes sense when your goal is to show your authority on multiple topics or offer a selection of news that might interest different segments of your newsletter subscribers, but are you losing engaged readers who might benefit from your entire article but get distracted after they click out to a web page? We have developed a pro/con list to help give you a holistic view of the benefits and detriments of both options.

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